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 +===== Math 110: Introduction to Algebraic Concepts (14011) =====
 +Instructor: Regis Smith (<​html>&#​200;​m&#​257;​i&#​314;:​ <​b>​smithr</​b>​ &#​259;&#​359;​ <​b>​elac</​b>​ d&#​337;​t <​b>​edu</​b></​html>​) \\
 +Classroom: C2-128 Monday-Thursday 10:​50am-12:​00pm \\
 +Final Exam: Tuesday, May 28, 9:​30--11:​30am \\
 +Office: G5-111W (323) 265-8887 \\
 +Office Hours: Monday/​Wednesday 12:30-1:35, Tuesday 4:10-6:00, Wednesday 4:25-6:00, and by appointment \\
 +Textbook: Prealgebra, 7th edition (or 5th or 6th edition), by Elayn Martin-Gay \\
 +**Note:** The text for this class is ridiculously expensive, but you can purchase a used prior edition (5th or 6th)
 +for a reasonable price. ​ Try or
 +=== Course description ===
 +In this class you will learn essential concepts for studying algebra,
 +including mathematical tools generally useful to everyone. ​ Topics include arithmetic
 +with integers, fractions, decimals, and percents; units for measurement;​ ratio and proportion; basic geometry including similarity and transformations;​ and solving and graphing linear equations. ​ Applications of these concepts are discussed throughout the course.
 +There will be three term exams (Feb. 28, Mar. 21, Apr. 25), and a final exam (May 28).
 +All exams are
 +"​closed-book"​. ​  ​**IMPORTANT:​** <color /​lightyellow>​You must complete all homework at least
 +one day prior to taking any term exam.</​color> ​ Point deductions will be made from scores
 +on late homework or exams.
 +Quizzes will be given at weekly. ​ All
 +quizzes are "open book"​.  ​
 +=== Grading ===
 +Your grade in this class is a weighted average of homework assignments and
 +quizzes (25%), three term exams (50%), and the final exam (25%).
 +=== Exam Dates ===
 +Exam 1: February 28 \\
 +Exam 2: March 21 \\
 +Exam 3: April 25 \\
 +Final Exam: Tuesday, May 28, 9:​30-11:​30am \\
 +=== Students with Disabilities ===
 +Students with disabilities who need
 +reasonable accommodation should promptly alert the instructor, then provide
 +verification of disability to the Disabled Students Program located in E1-106
 +or call (323) 265-8787 to make an appointment. ​ If a student with a disability
 +feels that accommodations offered are inappropriate or insufficient,​ (s)he
 +should seek the assistance of the DSP\&S Coordinator and/or the Vice President
 +of Student Services.
 +=== Cheating ===
 +Cheating on any assignment will result in a grade of zero on that
 +assignment. ​ Egregious forms of cheating, such as having someone take an exam
 +in your place, or repeated cheating, will likely result in your expulsion from
 +the district (all nine LACCD campuses). ​
 +=== Calculators and Electronic Devices ===
 +Calculators are never allowed on exams or quizzes. ​ The use of calculators,​ cell
 +phones, or any other electronic device during a quiz or exam is considered
 +=== Homework Details ===
 +Homework will be assigned weekly (at least) and must be completed and
 +checked by the due date.  <color /​lightyellow>​You should check your homework answers with a
 +reliable source, such as the instructor or a tutor in the Math Lab.</​color> ​ In my
 +experience, doing homework without checking your work is a waste of time.
 +Remember that answers to odd-numbered questions are located at the end of the
 +=== Help ===
 +I am available in office hours or by appointment. ​ To make an
 +appointment,​ just send me an email. ​ All emails should
 +have a subject line which includes the name of the class;
 +**Subject: MATH 110: question about the exam**
 +In addition, tutors are available <color black/​lightyellow>​six days a week</​color>​ in the Math Tutoring Center at G5-009 (lower level). ​ The hours are
 +  * Monday-Thursday 9:​00am-8:​00pm
 +  * Friday and Saturday 9:​00am-5:​00pm
 +You can drop in without making an appointment. ​ This
 +is a great place to study in groups. ​ Textbooks are usually available for daily rental.
 +=== Learning Outcomes ===
 +The student will be able to
 +  * solve a first degree equation involving decimals.
 +  * solve a first degree equation involving fractions.
 +  * solve an equation that requires only integer arithmetic.
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