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Math 110: Introduction to Algebraic Concepts (14011)

Instructor: Regis Smith (Èmāiĺ: smithr ăŧ elac dőt edu)
Classroom: C2-128 Monday-Thursday 10:50am-12:00pm
Final Exam: Tuesday, May 28, 9:30–11:30am
Office: G5-111W (323) 265-8887
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 12:30-1:35, Tuesday 4:10-6:00, Wednesday 4:25-6:00, and by appointment
Textbook: Prealgebra, 7th edition (or 5th or 6th edition), by Elayn Martin-Gay

Note: The text for this class is ridiculously expensive, but you can purchase a used prior edition (5th or 6th) for a reasonable price. Try or

Course description

In this class you will learn essential concepts for studying algebra, including mathematical tools generally useful to everyone. Topics include arithmetic with integers, fractions, decimals, and percents; units for measurement; ratio and proportion; basic geometry including similarity and transformations; and solving and graphing linear equations. Applications of these concepts are discussed throughout the course.

There will be three term exams (Feb. 28, Mar. 21, Apr. 25), and a final exam (May 28). All exams are “closed-book”. IMPORTANT: You must complete all homework at least one day prior to taking any term exam. Point deductions will be made from scores on late homework or exams.

Quizzes will be given at weekly. All quizzes are “open book”.


Your grade in this class is a weighted average of homework assignments and quizzes (25%), three term exams (50%), and the final exam (25%).

Exam Dates

Exam 1: February 28
Exam 2: March 21
Exam 3: April 25
Final Exam: Tuesday, May 28, 9:30-11:30am

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who need reasonable accommodation should promptly alert the instructor, then provide verification of disability to the Disabled Students Program located in E1-106 or call (323) 265-8787 to make an appointment. If a student with a disability feels that accommodations offered are inappropriate or insufficient, (s)he should seek the assistance of the DSP\&S Coordinator and/or the Vice President of Student Services.


Cheating on any assignment will result in a grade of zero on that assignment. Egregious forms of cheating, such as having someone take an exam in your place, or repeated cheating, will likely result in your expulsion from the district (all nine LACCD campuses).

Calculators and Electronic Devices

Calculators are never allowed on exams or quizzes. The use of calculators, cell phones, or any other electronic device during a quiz or exam is considered cheating.

Homework Details

Homework will be assigned weekly (at least) and must be completed and checked by the due date. You should check your homework answers with a reliable source, such as the instructor or a tutor in the Math Lab. In my experience, doing homework without checking your work is a waste of time. Remember that answers to odd-numbered questions are located at the end of the text!


I am available in office hours or by appointment. To make an appointment, just send me an email. All emails should have a subject line which includes the name of the class; e.g., Subject: MATH 110: question about the exam

In addition, tutors are available six days a week in the Math Tutoring Center at G5-009 (lower level). The hours are

  • Monday-Thursday 9:00am-8:00pm
  • Friday and Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm

You can drop in without making an appointment. This is a great place to study in groups. Textbooks are usually available for daily rental.

Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to

  • solve a first degree equation involving decimals.
  • solve a first degree equation involving fractions.
  • solve an equation that requires only integer arithmetic.
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