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Math 110: Introduction to Algebraic Concepts (14011)

Instructor: Regis Smith (Èmāiĺ: smithr ăŧ elac dőt edu)
Classroom: C2-128 Monday-Thursday 10:50am-12:00pm
Final Exam: Tuesday, May 28, 9:30–11:30am
Office: G5-111W (323) 265-8887
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 12:30-1:35, Tuesday 4:10-6:00, Wednesday 4:25-6:00, and by appointment
Textbook: Prealgebra, 7th edition (or 5th or 6th edition), by Elayn Martin-Gay


Exam 2 Practice Part II
Exam 2 Practice Part II Answers

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